Barts Beans Coffee - The Bourbon - 250g - Art.No: The-Bourbon-250

Barts Beans Coffee from The Netherlands

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Are you a fan of a coffee with rich aromas and a sweet taste? Then 'The Bourbon' is exactly what you are looking for. The Bourbon is an extremely balanced coffee with hints of milk chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.

Origin: Brazil

Medium roast

Preparation: Yellow bourbon is a special variety because the coffee cherry is not red but yellow. The beans are semi-washed, meaning the beans are washed and dried with the berries still partially wrapped around them. This gives the bean a slightly sweeter and mocha flavor

Grinding: Of course, we can also grind our coffee beans for you. Please contact us about this.

Packaging: Much of the daily packaging we use is made from fossil fuels and then burned. Not exactly environmentally friendly and certainly not circular. This compostable packaging is made from 40% to 60% renewable resources.

Product specifications:

Length 9.50 cm

Width 7 cm

Height 23 cm

Weight 250 gram

Values: Dutch Design, Environmentally friendly, Handmade, Organic

Made in the Netherlands

Brand location the Netherlands

EAN 7436956335324

Item number The-Bourbon-250

Bartsbeans Kitsteeg 7, ALKMAAR 1811EP Netherlands

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