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Emma Thee - Tea caddy Earl Grey Lavender - Empty tea caddies

Emma Thee from Netherlands

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Empty tea caddies - Earl Gray lavender

tea caddy empty Practical tea caddy to preserve the quality of your loose tea. Present your Earl Gray Lavender Tea in this matching tin. Tea absorbs other smells very quickly. If you put other tea in your can, the smell of the previous tea will remain in it even if you clean the can first. So choose a suitable can for your favorite type of tea so that the same tea is always used.

Height : 10 cm

Width : 7 cm

Material: stainless steel


safe: No Lid type: Loose lid

Shape: Square with rounded corners

Manufacturer : Monsignor Hendriksenstraat 12 7031 HN Wehl The Netherlands

Product specifications

Made inNetherlands
Brand location
Monsignor Hendriksenstraat 12
7031 HN Wehl The Netherlands
item number8719925513787

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