FOR NESPRESSO® BIO COFFEE - ESPRESSO INTENSO -A typical intense aroma - 5.5g - Art.No.: 1015027

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A particularly dark roast of the finest organic Robusta and organic Arabica beans give the Espresso Intenso its intense taste profile and make it the strongest of its kind. Its typically roasted and smoky aroma is complemented by notes of dark bitter chocolate, so that it is pleasantly spicy every coffee cup is conjured up.


Organic Voice Coffee
Organic Voice Coffee
High quality organic coffee from sustainable cultivation and harvesting conditions.


A blend of organic Robusta coffee beans from Tanzania and organic arabica from Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatamela make Espresso Intenso a unique taste experience.

The organic coffee cherries from Tanzania are cultivated in the Kagara region, near the famous Lake Victoria. Only the finest Robusta organic coffee beans from farmers with a full traceability and quality management process are selected to ensure the best organic coffee enjoyment.

The organic arabica from Ethiopia gives the Espresso Intenso a sweet, lemony taste. This vast area offers high quality coffee thanks to ideal weather and soil conditions and includes an amazing wealth of coffee varieties.

The organic coffee from Colombia rounds off the taste of our Espresso Intenso perfectly. This type of organic coffee, also known as Bergland coffee, gives our Espresso Intenso a rich fragrance and a fine aroma with sweet, dark chocolate notes.

To complete it, we add selected organic coffee beans from the Chiquimula region in Guatemala. This region is characterized by its specific microclimate, which is influenced by the Caribbean Sea and the mountains "Sierra de las Minas" and "Monte Cristo".

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