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Halva Sokeriton Salmiakki Ruutu 1 x 90g - Art.Nr.: 9000478

Halva von Finnland

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Halva Sugar-free Salmiakki  Suutu is a Finnish sugar-free salmiak licorice (Sweetened with maltitol syrup). Halva Sugar-free Salmiakki Suutu is firm, bite-sized licorice pieces in a diamond shape.

Halva Sugar-free Salmiakki  Suutu is packed in a plastic bag.
VE: 1 x 90g

Ingredients : Sweetener: maltitol syrup, modified potato starch, ammonium chloride, licorice extract, color (E153), gloss agent (E901).

Can traces of sesame and  WHEAT  included?

Nutritional values ​​per 100g:
calorific value 860 kj (205 kcal)
fat 0 g - of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates 77 g - of which sugar 0 g
protein 0.1 g
salt 0.14 g

Origin: Finland
Valimotie 27 / PL 244
01510 Vantaa

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