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Moheda BIO Blackberry Jam with Apple, Vanilla, Chili, 1 x 200g - Art.No.: Bj70

Moheda BIO from Sweden Certified for trade by DE-ÖKO-006

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Moheda ORGANIC blackberry jam with apple, vanilla, and chili is made from wild blackberries, the taste of which is much more aromatic and intense than that of cultivated plants. This blackberry jam gets its very special, unmistakable character from the addition of tart apples, real bourbon vanilla, and a touch of chili  - a combination that conjures up a lot of sophistication on the breakfast table.

Of course,  Moheda ORGANIC blackberry jam with apple, vanilla, and chili is only made from natural ingredients in organic quality and without preservatives.

The manufacturer Moheda Sylt is a small family business based in Moheda, a town in the Swedish province of Småland. Here, high-quality jam is produced according to the guidelines of KRAV, a Swedish organic label.

Moheda ORGANIC blackberry jam with apple, vanilla, and chili comes in a glass.
PU: 1 x 200g
Moheda jam can also be delivered in the following sizes on request: 50g jar, 120g jar, 5kg bucket.

Blackberry jam with apple, vanilla, and chilli

Ingredients (100g): blackberries 45g, sugar 45g, apple 9.1g, vanilla 0.05g, lemon juice 0.4g, chili 0.05g, pectin 0.4g, total sugar content 48.7g, of which 3.7g is fructose.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g
calorific value 897 kj (214 kcal)
fat 0.2 g - of which saturated fatty acids 0 g,
carbohydrates 50.3 g - of which sugar 49.7 g,
protein 0.5 g,
salt 0 g

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