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Saltverk Salz - Salz von Island

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Saltverk sea salt is a mineral-fresh salt from Iceland. The handmade, crispy salt flakes contain the aroma of the northern region from which the raw ingredients come. Only the energy from the hot springs in the northwest of Iceland is used for the production of this salt, which means that the production of this salt takes place without CO2 emissions and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.

Saltverk is a young company based in the western part of Iceland. It is located on the Reykjanes peninsula which separates two fjords and is surrounded by high mountains. Here the salt production is carried out by traditional handwork using a method that is over 200 years old.
The salt is obtained from the pure water of the northern Arctic Ocean - this is how the pyramid-like salt flakes from Saltverk get their special taste and their content of valuable minerals.

Saltverk sea salt comes in a glass.
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