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Skånsk Chili, Aji Lemon Drop Hot Sauce, Bio, 1 x 40 ml - Art.Nr. 599004

Skånsk Chili from Sweden - Certified for trade by DE-ÖKO-037

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Lemon Drop Hot Sauce contains two types of Baccatum Chilli, Aji Cristal, and Aji Lemon Drop. It is the sweet and fruity citrus aroma of the baccatum chili peppers that makes the sauce a special taste experience. Thanks to the Aji Lemon Drop - Chili pods with their distinctive taste of passion fruit and lemons, the Aji Lemon Drop Hot Sauce goes very well with fish or chicken. But even in a salad, the sauce surprises with its fruity flavor.

Aji Lemon Drop - Chili pods are not as hot compared to other varieties and that's how the Aji Lemon Lemon Drop becomes hot sauce also inspires the gourmet who likes it not quite as hot but fruity and spicy.

Skånsk chili sauces are the result of passionate organic chili cultivation and the production of high-quality foods. You don't just want to make chili sauces that are as spicy as possible but value different degrees of heat and characterful chili sauces with a particularly good taste and high recognition value.

Skånsk Chili, Aji Lemon Drop Hot Sauce, Bio comes in a glass bottle.
PU: 1 x 40 ml

Ingredients: Aji - Chili * (50%), tropical juice * (apple juice *, pineapple juice *, orange juice *, passion fruit juice *), grapefruit *, lemon juice *, salt, herbs *, agar-agar *, guar gum *.

*) From organic farming

Nutritional values ​​per 100g :
calorific value 200 kj (48 kcal)
fat 0.1 g - of which saturated fatty acids 0.0 g,
carbohydrates 10.2 g - of which sugar 6.7 g
protein 1.1 g
salt 1.2 G

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